2017 Frantic48 Films


The following teams each produced a film project in the Peace Region as part of the fourth annual Frantic48 filmmaking competition in April 2017. Their films screened as part of the Reel Shorts Film Festival. This was the largest Frantic48 year ever with 18 teams registering and 17 handing in films!

Congrats to all of the participating teams for making so many unique creative projects. We hope you continue to make films and we truly hope to see all of you back in October ready to play again. We want to especially thank team captains and their teams.


PRIMAA Sponsors 1-12

Astro Knights

Your average date


Coming Home

Clan of Glam

Shattered Love

Frantic Owls


Hen House

Still Got It

La Crete's Last Curtain

Silent Witness

Last Minuters

The Two Betrayals

Lights, Camera, Craft Services

The Team

Mean Three

Love Lost

Plaidhat Productions

Next Time



Team TBD

Grime of Passion

The Globo Gym Purple Cobras

The Lowest Point


Looking for Maddie

We Tried ...ish

The Tickle Sack

Young Life

Ravenous Love

Seventeen of the eighteen teams completed their films, and thirteen completed and submitted their projects within the very difficult 48-hour window. All thirteen were screened as part of the 2017 Reel Shorts Film Festival and the qualifying films were judged by a jury and the audience.

Teams were given 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and deliver a 2-7 minute short film. Each team was assigned a random pairing of genres and all teams had to incorporate a prop (a backpack) and a line of dialogue (“What are you doing here?”).

Some teams spent more time polishing their films after the 48 hour challenge, which is heartily encouraged, and some of these posted clips reflect that. Not all films have been shared online, which is 100% at the discretion of the filmmakers, so this selection is incomplete.

Thank you to Community Futures for Sponsoring the Awards, and huge gratitude to Reel Shorts and GPLT for co-presenting this event with PRIMAA.

Award Winners & Results

Jury Selections

Honourable Mentions
Best use of Line: 'The Team' by Lights, Camera, Craft Services
Best use of Prop: 'The Tickle Sack' by We Tried ...ish
Best use of Genre (Doc Drama): 'Simplify' by Frantic Owls

Youth Award
'Ravenous Love' by Young Life

Best Overall Runners Up:
'Shattered Love' by Clan of Glam'
'The Team' by Lights Camera Craft Services

Best Overall
Still Got It' by Hen House

Audience Choice

3rd Runner Up - 'The Tickle Sack' by We Tried ...ish
2nd Runner Up - 'Grime of Passion' by TBD
1st Runner Up - 'Shattered Love' by Clan of Glam
Most Votes - 'Still Got It' by Hen House

The caliber of films continues to improve each year. Keep filmmaking, Peace Region!


The following films represent a selection of participant work that has been posted online. If your film is online and not posted here, please contact PRIMAA to have it added.

Astro Knights - Your Average Date

Lights, Camera, Craft Services - The Team

Hen House - Still Got It (Winner: Jury & Audience Choice)

TMT - Looking For Maddie

The Frantic Owls - Simplify

Young Life - Ravenous Love

We Tried ...ish - The Tickle Sack