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Interested in filmmaking but don't know where to start?

These three (very different) videos will give you the basics of writing a story, constructing a scene, and shooting it to a relatively professional standard. You could do worse than start right here. If you are looking for advice specific to the Frantic48 Challenge, be sure to check out our 2015 Tips & Tricks blog post.


Darious Britt

3 Act Story Structure and Screenwriting


Film Riot

How to Shoot a Scene: Principles of Coverage


Lights Film School

Lighting, 180 Degree Rule, Shot Sequence


Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make

How to Shoot a Scene Part I - Blocking

How To Write A Short Film: Part 1


These filmmaking resources were compiled by the PRIMAA board from around the web in order to help Grande Prairie and Peace Region filmmakers learn about filmmaking. These works are all owned by their original authors, and are shared here for educational purposes. We hope they are useful to student filmmakers of all levels. If you have resources you think we missed, please share them in the comments. 


One of the most popular websites for aspiring self-taught filmmakers. Lots of information there across all aspects of the art.

RocketJump Film School

RocketJump's film school is packed with filmmaking tutorials, tips and other great content for filmmakers. New content added weekly. Brought to you by the creators of Video Game High School.

Craft Truck

A great series of interviews with famous and working editors, cinematographers, and other professionals. There is a lot to be learned from the conversations that the folks at Craft Truck provoke in their interviews.

Filmmaker IQ

An all around resource site, with a thriving community. John Hess' videos about the history of film are not to be missed. The material reads like a very dynamic first-year film studies class.

Lights Film School

Very high quality and crystal clear online instruction about on-set challenges, like lighting, framing, and audio.

Indy Mogul

Excellent online video series detailing a lot of the practical considerations of filmmaking, often from a DIY or low budget approach. Good info here about getting good results on a budget.

Film Riot

Very popular Youtube show about filmmaking. These guys deliver a ton of great information with an energetic and humorous style.

Darius Britt

An energetic independent filmmaker turned instructional video guru, or something. Whatever you call him, Darius Britt just gets it. He addresses subjects like structure, and common pitfalls in an entertaining and highly informative way.

Big Puddle Films

Big Puddle Films is the work of Jason Satterlund, a talented filmmaker and great teacher.



LA Video Filmmaker

LA Video Filmmaker is a detailed resources and instructional site, with a good overview of the filmmaking process, among other useful articles.


Dan Harmon

Community creator Dan Harmon has written a series of wiki articles about his theory of story circles. A great resource for aspiring screenwriters. Start with Story Structure 101.

The Hitch 20 is an entertaining web series that breaks down Alfred Hitchcock's lesser-known television work. Hitch directed 20 episodes of TV, and this series deconstructs several in order to understand the execution of Hitch's master craft.


Oliver Peters

The at-times highly technical but very educational blog of an experienced working editor.




The pre-production phase includes all of the budgeting, planning, and prep work that goes into a film project. Decisions will need to be made about the writing, casting, locations, props, wardrobe, and art direction, to name a few. Pre-production also involves production logistics like building a crew, feeding your crew, arranging transportation, gear, insurance, and other challenges.

The Script Lab - Screenplay Structure: The Five Plot Points

How to Make A Short Film: Important Tips and Advice

Creative Spark: Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black on his process

Film Riot - How to Storyboard & Schedule Your Film (Pre-Production)

RocketJump Film School - How to Hold Auditions

D4Darious - Low Budget Filmmaking Tips And Advice

Lights Film School - Sound Design Tutorial For Film: Audio & Pre-Production

Videomaker: How to Cast a Video Production

Film Riot - How to Plan a Movie Shoot! - Script Breakdowns, Schedules and Budgets



The production phase includes the principle photography, including on-set sound recording, as well as any additional pick-up shots or second unit work.

Lights Film School - Filmmaking: Composition and Framing Tutorial

Lights Film School - Lighting for Video

Film Riot - Basic Cinematography Tips

Lights Film School - Head room, lead room & Framing

Darious Britt: Directing Actors - How To Avoid Overacting

Filmmaking 101 - How to Record High Quality Audio on a Budget

RocketJump Film School - Grip Hardware Essentials

Lights Film School - Using Flags to Control Shadow and Light

Darious Britt: Advice For Directing Actors - Avoiding Overdirecting



Once shooting wraps, post-production begins. This phase includes editing, sound design, music, colour correction, and visual effects work, among other specialized crafts.

Walter Murch: The Rule of Six

Indy Mogul - Simple Tips for Becoming a Better Editor

FilmmakerIQ: The Fundamentals of Sound in Post Production

Danny Lacey - Short film editing workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro (Video Blog)

Darious Britt - Learn Hitfilm Express 2017 (Free Editor) in 11 Minutes

BigPuddleFilms - Sweet & Sexy Sound Part 1

Filmmaker IQ: Introduction to Foley and Sound Effects for Film

Alfred Hitchcock on Cutting

Indy Mogul - 7 Things to Know About Making Short Films

Craft Truck - In the Cut: Editor Alan Heim Pt. 1

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