2018 Frantic48 Films


The following teams each produced a film project in the Peace Region as part of the fifth annual Frantic48 filmmaking competition in April 2018. Their films screened as part of the Reel Shorts Film Festival. We had a solid turnout this year with over 100 filmmakers participating to make 14 total films!

Congrats to all of the participating teams for making so many unique creative projects. The quality and caliber of films keep getting better each year, and this year was no exception! We hope you continue to make films and we truly hope to see all of you back in October ready to play again. We want to especially thank team captains and their teams.




Red Thief, Blue Thief

Blake's Unicorn Films

Daisy's Adventure

Bourbon & Bourbon

A Fistful of Dodgeballs

Homework Studios

Blood Games

Hot Plate

Hearts & Hammers

Standing Room Only

Dawn of Our Lives

Lights, Camera, Craft Services


Nervous Rex

La Pacion del Corazon

Plaidhat Productions

I, The Dinosaur

Sister Act

A Not So Super Villain

The Creative Asylum

Lakeshore Estates

The Nerd Burglars

Space Time Man

We Tried ...ish

Dustin the Wind

Wood Owl Studios

The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry

Teams were given 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and deliver a 2-6 minute short film. Each team was assigned a random pairing of genres and all teams had to incorporate a prop (a pair of glasses) and a line of dialogue (“SO now you know.”). Fourteen of fifteen teams registered completed their films, and fourteen completed and submitted their projects within the very difficult 48-hour window. All fourteen were screened as part of the 2018 Reel Shorts Film Festival and the qualifying films were judged by a jury and the audience.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Decca Industries Ltd., and to the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 for the gift baskets, and huge gratitude to Reel Shorts Film Festival for their partnership with PRIMAA to make this event possible.

Award Winners & Results

Jury Selections

Honourable Mentions
'A Fist Full of Dodgeballs' - Bourbon & Bourbon

'Hearts & Hammers' - Hot Plate
'I, The Dinosaur' - Plaidhat Productions

Youth Award
'Red Thief, Blue Thief' - Astro Knights

Best Overall
'The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry' - Wood Owl Studios

Audience Choice

Most Audience Votes
'The Good, The Bad, and the Hungry' - Wood Owl Studios


Videos will be posted as teams make them available!

The following films represent a selection of participant work that has been posted online. If your film is online and not posted here, please contact PRIMAA to have it added.

Dustin the Wind by We Tried...ish

Elevator by Lights, Camera, Craft Services