Emotion on Film: A Workshop Presented by PRIMAA

The Peace Region Independent Media Arts Association (PRIMAA) presents Emotion on Film, a hands-on, multi-day workshop for people interested in either directing or acting for the big screen. By the end, student directors will each construct and shoot a scene by collaborating with the actor attendees.


The first two evenings (Aug. 6 and 7) will be joint sessions with both actors and directors that explore shot construction, blocking, and executing a shoot that delivers emotional storytelling. Scene studies and practical examples will highlight various creative techniques used to bring their films to life.

The director-only evening (Aug. 13) identifies concepts and approaches to building a scene from an emotionally realistic perspective. Additionally, we will explore methods for working with actors and crew members and how to capture a vision on camera.

The actor-only evening (Aug. 14) delves into a character's point-of-view and various tools that can help create a dynamic and compelling performance. We will discuss and practice techniques that can be used to bring a fresh yet consistent delivery from the first audition to the final take.

The shoot days (Aug. 17 and 18) give directors and actors an opportunity to execute a scene within a two hour "shoot." Prior to the shoot, directors are assigned scripts and actors are assigned roles, both of which will require homework in preparation. The the goal is to produce a complete scene with compelling performances and blocking on the black box stage. Simple props and wardrobe can be employed (and are encouraged) to help deliver the story; however, a fully-produced, high production value shoot is outside the focus of this workshop. Likewise, this will not be a cinematography or gear-focused workshop; the focus will be on character, performance, and story.

For more details, please visit: http://emotion-on-film.eventbrite.ca/

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