The L.A.S.T. Deck Challenge

LAST Deck CoverWelcome, local artists!

In association with the Frightening48 Film Challenge, we're putting forth a whole new art challenge: The Local Artist Showcase Tarot - L.A.S.T. - Deck.

"What the heck is this deck for?"

In the upcoming Frightening48 Film Challenge, the 22 cards will be shuffled and drawn - the cards reveal to the teams that are participating the limitations by which they have to make their film (the deeper details will be revealed closer to the event)

"Why would I participate in this?"

If you've got a bit of extra artistic flow and you want a place to point it, if you're looking for a bit of inspiration for your next project, or if you're looking to flex your art muscles, you've got one more place you can do that! Or maybe you'd like to reach out and also see which local artists join you in the challenge.

"How do I participate?"

You can open up the link in Google Drive HERE, download whichever cards you'd like to create artwork for, and email the images you create to  Create an image as you see fit: pencil sketch, ink and wash, watercolour, photography, sculpture, needlework... whatever you feel like (just be wary of the dimensions - 1330x2015.)  You can choose to overlay the card over your image, or allow us to place your artwork into the template for you. We'll share the artwork (as a complete card) on Instagram, so be sure to include the name you'd like to be credited as in your email. We'll also create a gallery of the submissions here on the web site, so you can spare yourself the grief of digging through Instagram to see what's going on.

"When do I participate?"

Well... NOW! Frightening48 2021 is coming in October, so September 1st we'll gather up everything that's been submitted, and choose the best of the bunch to build the deck with. Of the 22 cards selected, one will be chosen as the Best for LAST, and awarded a prize (TBD - but at least $50)


As the templates are likely going to be the only uniform part of the deck, please refrain from altering them.

By participating in the challenge, we reserve the right to display your UNALTERED submission ONLY in service of the Frightening48 L.A.S.T. Deck challenge and the Frightening48 Film Challenge of 2021. Any other usage will be subject to acquiring each artist's express permission to do so, the terms of which would be discussed at the time of such an event.